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We used to joke that at least airplane values couldn’t go negative.  Unfortunately, that’s not really true anymore—at least with some models. For example, we’ve recently had occasion to…READ MORE

Pre-owned inventory has declined 21.5% in the past year. All numbers quoted here are based on data collected from a variety of sources for a sample of 57 models that…READ MORE

Based on our tracking, the average business jet is worth 11.4% less than one year ago. However, some categories have performed better than others. The largest business jets, like…READ MORE

Used inventory of ultra long range jets (5000nm+) closed April at a 4-year high of 181 units based on our tracking. Inventory has been below 180 units since July…READ MORE

Like boiled eggs, pre-owned airplane deals come in both hard and soft preparations and the difference is really important to understand. Like a lot of industry lingo, the terms…READ MORE

With four new listings in the last 35 days, Falcon 2000LXS inventory now sits at seven units. That’s 7.7% of the roughly 90 aircraft delivered and the highest inventory…Read more

Last week, for the first time, a Gulfstream G650 asking price was reduced below the $40M threshold. While the aircraft in question is not enrolled on an engine program…Read more

Something about a pre-owned airplane deal tends to bring out the worst in people, like the entrance to the Holland Tunnel at rush hour. You would bazooka an ice…Read more

Gulfstream delivered the first G600 last week and Prevailing Market Wisdom suggests used G550s are about to flood the market, crushing values and creating “unprecedented” buying opportunities. From what…Read more

If your job has anything to do with aircraft transactions, the new tax bill will ensure you never see your family again during the holidays. When your partially orphaned…Read more