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Our Story

We love airplanes and happy clients. We started IAG in 2012 with no real plan other than to do the right thing by our clients and go from there. Having worked for a business jet manufacturer for many years, we saw a lot purchase and sale decisions made for a lot of reasons. We also saw a lot of third-party advisors, consultants and brokers involved in those decisions. Some of them did it really well. So, we adopted many of those ideas and have tried to develop a few of our own along the way.

Why IAG?

Overall, it’s about a shared passion for aircraft and creating a positive experience.


Our Team

Photo of Jeff Habib
Jeff Habib
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

As Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Jeff Habib believes that success comes from collaboration between people passionate about the project – airplanes. And Jeff is all about airplanes.

Before co-founding IAG in 2012, he spent 17 years working for a business jet manufacturer, lastly as Senior Vice President of Sales and Corporate Officer. He has served on the NBAA Advisory Council, has participated as an industry events speaker and holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license with numerous aircraft type ratings.

Jeff also served 8 years of active duty service as an officer and U.S. Naval Aviator, flew FAA Part 121 with Southwest Airlines Co., and was a business jet manufacturer demonstration pilot.

DID YOU KNOW? Jeff has visited all 50 U.S. States.

Photo of Cass Anderson
Cass Anderson
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Cass Anderson is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of IAG. Prior, Cass spent 15 years at a business jet manufacturer holding various positions of leadership, including roles in Customer Service, Market Research and lastly as a Regional Sales Manager. During his tenure, Cass was instrumental in record sales and increasing market share and was personally responsible for new and pre-owned aircraft sale transactions exceeding $1B in value.

He is a graduate of University of Redlands, where he earned a B.A. in Government.

DID YOU KNOW? Cass has watched every lap of every Formula 1 race since 2002, an accomplishment that must certainly make his family proud.

Photo of Ryan Fischer
Ryan Fischer
Vice-President Sales

As Vice-President Sales, Ryan Fischer is focused on the customer experience.

Previously, Ryan spent more than 17 years in the aviation industry at multiple business jet manufacturers that included roles in sales, supply chain, aftermarket, contracts and with the most recent as Citation Sales Director at Textron Aviation.

Ryan deploys a “customer-first” philosophy and believes the key to a successful transaction is responsiveness and open communication.

Whether it is a first-time buyer or a longtime aircraft owner, Ryan takes clients through the entire transaction from tip-to-tail in a manner that ensures every detail is addressed and obstacles minimized. Ryan also has a strong command of international business protocols in Canada, Europe and Asia.

DID YOU KNOW? Ryan has lived in 8 different cities in the past 15 years.

Photo of Teri Lewis
Teri Lewis
Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Teri Lewis ensures the office processes run smoothly as well as manages our marketing and advertising strategies. Before joining in 2017, Teri spent 22 years at a business jet manufacturer in various pre-owned and marketing leadership roles. Teri’s experience includes; department operations, marketing, market research, aircraft specifications and customer service.

Teri believes the key to success is attention to detail and applies that philosophy to all projects. The devil is in the details and Teri knows in the aircraft world that just one incorrect letter, particularly on an aircraft specification, can cause major headaches and potentially cost thousands of dollars.

DID YOU KNOW? Teri’s happy place is the beach, particularly when searching for sea glass.