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Our Promise

Simply put, we care about providing you an individualized and transparent experience.


  • We assume the role of a fiduciary for our clients. Their best interest is our best interest.
  • We accept compensation from our clients and only our clients.
  • We have never and will never participate in a “back-to-back” transaction.
  • We do not inventory airplanes – our fee is the only source of revenue.
  • We advise our clients immediately of any situation which may be construed as a conflict of interest.
  • We supply our clients with the facts as well as our opinion.
  • We do not make offers on or list aircraft without exclusive or explicit permission.
  • We do not represent buyers or sellers without exclusive and explicit permission.
  • We do not misrepresent facts or information to any parties, even for the benefit of our client.
  • We are not afraid to say “I don’t know.”
  • We believe the client is always right, unless they ask us to compromise on one of these rules.