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Buying Your Aircraft

Buying a new plane should be exciting. But the process seems overwhelming with so much at stake … Which model? New or used? What will it cost? What do I need to know that I don’t know? … Will this hurt? We construct a step-by-step process to help identify key criteria, filter the options, and arrive at a dependable decision that makes sense and feels good.

Technical and Financial Comparison

Comparing aircraft to purchase can quickly spiral into a tornado of confusing numbers and contradictory arguments. We help arrange the technical and financial facts with perspective and order in simple terms. 

After being directly involved in hundreds of aircraft comparisons now in to our third decade, on all sides of the table, we have accumulated a pretty handy rolodex of insights.

Aircraft Search

Finding listings on the internet is easy. Understanding which listings are legitimate purchase opportunities and which are some form of “click bait” is another matter. Aircraft search is not about finding – it’s about discarding. Therefore, our system emphasizes the picking as heavily as it does the looking.

Value vs. Price

We have never been approached by a client that hoped to overpay. Everybody wants a good deal. But price is meaningless without understanding the underlying value.

We love prices. So much that we developed our own mathematical pricing model, theJetWatch.

It allows us to determine value and spot opportunities with greater speed and confidence. Why? Because when you refine a system every day for eight years, it gets better.

Transaction Management

Buying a pre-owned aircraft means you will become the proud owner of somebody else’s pre-existing conditions. Every aircraft has some.

Limiting risk and disappointment involves:

  • sticking to a good screening process,
  • negotiating the appropriate rights, and
  • carefully managing all elements of the pre-purchase process.

Factory New

We sold new aircraft for many years before starting IAG and continue to represent buyers acquiring factory new aircraft.

Purchasing a new aircraft involves a whole different set of considerations and risks to manage. Focusing on price alone overlooks other material aspects of the transaction, which are inherently more complex than used aircraft transactions. Manufacturers play this game every day, and despite what they may suggest, not all buyers get the same deal.