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Selling Your Aircraft

Let us tell your story. Aircraft sales is more than a specification sheet and asking price. We develop a strategy based on the competitive landscape and your aircraft’s unique identity. We don’t stop at the aircraft listing. We work as your agent guiding you through the entire process until the aircraft takes off with its next owner.


Buyers are suspicious. Our job is to become the authority on the aircraft, its history, equipment and status. Then, when the phone rings, we are in a position to convey credibility.

As a result, we place a lot of emphasis on our research and preparation.


A listing must be priced correctly to sell. This is a real opportunity because most listings are mispriced. 

We are fanatical about prices and pretty obsessed with our painstakingly developed pricing database, theJetWatch, which all of us at IAG spend hours with daily.

Simply put, we are not going to be outworked when it comes to price analysis.


One day we plan to invent some magical system for promoting aircraft. Until then, we will:

  • continue to run lots of ads in lots of places,
  • try different messaging to capture attention, and
  • talk to as many other potential buyers, brokers and influencers as we can.

When the phone stops ringing, it’s time to try something new.


Closing a sale is complex and requires organization, communication and a lot of hard work. We work as your agent to manage the specifics so you can focus on your day job.

Our process ensures that no detail, large or small, is overlooked.