Why is this 2005 Bombardier Challenger 300 S/N 20059 the best value on the market?

IAG is proud to be representing this 2005 Challenger 300 for sale. We think it represents an extraordinary value in the CL300 market and deserves to be on the short list of any prospective CL300 buyer.

We track markets very closely through our in house business platform, 360Markets. In addition to monitoring activity and calculating fair pricing, our tool is especially helpful in understanding how the market looks to the “buyer’s eye”. Spending a few minutes this morning studying CL300’s for sale- and those which have sold recently- I came away with the following perspectives on the market and how I would evaluate 20059 as a buyer.

First, the market in general is fairly healthy with 28 aircraft for sale (under 7% if the fleet) against 12 transactions in the past 180 days. Annualized, this is just under 1.2 years of inventory. There is an age skew, with 18 of the 28 available aircraft being 2007 or older model years- roughly equating to s/n 200 or below.

Assuming s/n 20059 is competing essentially with these 18 aircraft we can take rough first cut of other aircraft that meet our favorite buying criteria:

Single Owner (9 of 18)

  • US Registered and Operated (5 of 18)
  • Low Time (10 of 18)
  • Recent Maintenance (96 Month Inspection and Gear Overhaul) (7 of 18)
  • Engine Program (16 of 18)

Interestingly- of the 18 aircraft available, only s/n 20059 meets all 5 criteria. However, that doesn’t complete the story. When we take a look at attributes and equipment, 20059 becomes even more special:

Currently operated FAR 135 on the Owner’s own charter certificate

  • SmartParts
  • GoGo Biz Internet
  • Desirable 9 Place configuration
  • Dual ADF/ Dual FMS V-Speed/ 3rd VHF Comm/ Datalink

Quite simply there is no other aircraft offering the quality and attributes of 20059 as a turn key aircraft. In our estimation, in lieu of recent comparable CL300 sales, s/n 20059 can be purchased at excellent value when adjusting for age, time, maintenance status and equipment.

We have attempted to highlight the just completed heavy maintenance and quality of the seller in recent advertising but it bears repeating. The aircraft just completed its 96 Month Inspection at Bombardier Tucson- 16 flight hours ago as of today. ALL outstanding Bombardier MAX reliability upgrades were complied with. ALL outstanding Rockwell Collins Improved Reliability Program components were complied with. NEW On-Condition Combustion Liners were installed in the engines, which also went through their 2000 hour inspection. The exterior and interior were completely detailed and all imperfections repaired. The aircraft looks outstanding.

The owner, Shearwater Air, purchased this aircraft new from Bombardier in 2005. As a personal aircraft for the owner and his family, no expense has been spared on proper care and attention throughout its life. They are experienced aircraft owners and, because their replacement long range aircraft is now in service, would like to find a good home for 20059.

Finally, since the owner has their own charter certificate, there is also a very unique opportunity to purchase this aircraft and keep it managed by Shearwater Air- offering a truly turn key solution and opportunity to run the aircraft with a team that knows it well and has fostered the rock solid reliability and outstanding service that their owner demands.

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