Dassault Falcon 900EX S/N 18

We are proud to be representing the sale of Falcon 900EX Serial Number 18 which should be on the short list of every prospective Falcon 900EX buyer for the following reasons:


  • Fresh 1A/1A+/2A/2A+/3A/4A+/Z/B/3B/C/3C Inspections at Duncan Aviation
  • Lowest total time on the market
  • Excellent maintenance history, records and reliability
  • US Registered
  • Desirable seating configuration with Forward Crew Lavatory


The non-EASy version of the Falcon 900EX has been one of the best performing large cabin markets over the past 12 months. With 10 sales over this time period, inventory recently sank to just 4 units, or less than 4% of the active fleet. Demand has essentially been from North America; 80% of these transactions were US registered aircraft sold to US or Canadian entities.

The Falcon 900EX offers a unique blend of attributes compared with its large cabin competitors. The 4,500 nautical mile published range gives the aircraft almost 10 hours of endurance and non-stop capability from the Midwest to and from Western Europe. Fuel burns are low- equal to or less than many super mid-size aircraft. The cabin offers three living areas with seating for 12+ and a forward crew lavatory. Finally, full span leading edge slats and the unique three-engine design provide the Falcon 900EX with nearly unrivaled short runway capability. Mission flexibility is the unique trademark of the Falcon 900 family.

You can now acquire this capability in the pre-owned market for less than 1/3 the cost of a new aircraft and the recent sales pace is clear evidence the market sees tremendous value at these levels.

Serial Number 18 was purchased by the current owner when it was just six months old and has averaged less than 250 flight hours per year. The primarily mission has been from Western North America to and from Europe which explains the almost 3:1 flight hours to landings ratio. The aircraft has always been hangared. Reliability has been excellent.

We reviewed the aircraft in conjunction with our maintenance and pre-buy consultant. The aircraft has very little history other than normal maintenance events and the aircraft records will present well to a prospective buyer. Small issues have always been resolved with replacement parts and not with repairs- the aircraft has minimal 337 activity. We found no Instructions for Continued Airworthiness outside of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Heavy maintenance has always been performed at a Dassault authorized service center. In summary, this is an aircraft with a solid and easily digestible maintenance history.

As with most aircraft of this vintage, a new buyer will likely want to incorporate some mid-life upgrades to the avionics and interior and perhaps look to add Aviation Partners Blended Winglets. We would submit that this aircraft is the perfect candidate to pick when considering capital improvements because it has the qualities you can’t modify- namely excellent pedigree, clean history and low time.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Please call us today at +1 212 888 7979 and ask for Cass or Jeff. [soliloquy id=”2088″]